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Practice Areas

At The Law Office of Alesha Lewis I know what I do best. The Law Office of Alesha Lewis can offer you some of the best legal advice and counsel in South Carolina. I know that every case is unique and different, and will apply my in-depth knowledge to meet your exact needs. Simply put, protecting your rights is what I do best.

Personal Injury

Crashed Car_edited.jpg

Experienced Counsel

Have you been in a car accident or slipped and fell at a business? I am ready to help. The Law Office of Alesha Lewis has the legal knowledge, skills, and experience to advise clients on personal injury claims. I am proud to extend my professional services to help all of my clients resolve their legal matters.

Legal Documentation

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Representing With Respect

Let The Law Office of Alesha Lewis be the solution for your Legal Research and Documentation needs. By combining a fundamental understanding of the big picture with the complexity of daily interactions and experiences, Alesha Lewis provides proactive solutions to a diversity of clients needing assistance with wills, real estate closings and more.

Family Law

Family Dispute_edited.jpg

Proven Record

I’ve been passionate about Family Law for quite some time. When I am involved in a case, I help my clients successfully resolve it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

DUI and Traffic Infractions


Representing With Dignity

Let the Law Office of Alesha Lewis represent you for all of your traffic related needs. She has an outstanding record, winning most of her cases in traffic court and takes pride in each case.

Criminal Law

Crime Scene Tape_edited.jpg

Unbiased Representation

Many court cases can be very complicated. Cases such as misdemeanors and other first time offenses can be stressful. Let the Law Office of Alesha Lewis provide unbiased representation. She listens to you and provides high quality counsel.

No matter how big or small your complaint, I have the knowledge and experience to handle your legal needs and to represent you. Contact me today to schedule a free consultation.


"Nothing in life that's worth anything is easy" - Barack Obama

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